Q: There is no picture on the monitor, just a black screen.
A: Make sure the black lens cover on the camera has been twisted off prior to using the camera.

Q: I’ve removed the black lens cover from the camera and I still don’t have picture on the monitor.
A: Try resetting the monitor. Press the Power/ Sleep button to turn the monitor off and wait about 15 seconds before turning the monitor back on.

Q: The picture on the monitor is blurry and/or I have a strip through the screen.
A: Gently peel the protection film off the monitor by pulling the small green tab on the bottom of the monitor.

Q: Is there a warranty on this product?
A: The Baby Monitor has a limited lifetime warranty that extends to the original purchaser with proof of purchase. The warranty does not apply if the product has been misused.

Q: Can the camera zoom in and out?
A: No, the camera is stationary.

Q: Can I use multiple cameras with one monitor?
A: Yes, up to 4 cameras can be coded to one monitor.

Q: Can I use two monitors with one camera?
A: No, a camera is only able to be coded to one channel.

Q: I want two cameras in the baby’s room – how do I add an additional camera to the monitor?
A: After coding the first camera on Channel 1, scroll to Channel 2 by pressing the left or right arrow (CH) on the monitor. Go through the coding steps for the second camera while the monitor is on Channel 2.

Q: How do I code a camera to the monitor?
A: Instructions below

  1. Press the power button on the monitor to turn it on.
  2. Press and hold the power button on the camera until the Red LED light starts flashing.
  3. Let go of the power button on the camera.
  4. Press the “Code” button on the side of the monitor.
  5. The image from the camera should now show up on the monitor. It is important to have the camera and monitor close together when setting it up.

Q: I’ve coded the camera to the monitor but I still have no picture. It just says “No Channel” against a gray background.
A: Once you’ve coded the camera to the monitor (Coding steps 1-4), unplug the power cord from the base of the camera and plug it right back in. This will reset the camera and allow the coding to take place.

Q: I’ve coded the camera to the monitor and reset the camera but I’m still getting the “No Channel” message. What’s wrong?
A: There may be interference to the channel; try coding the camera to the monitor on a different channel. The camera and monitor may be too far away from each other. Move the camera and monitor closer together and try coding again.

Q: Does the Baby Monitor work on 220 voltage (220v)?
A: Yes, the system will work on 220v with an electric plug adapter.

Q: Does the camera tilt and/or move left and right?
A: Yes, the camera can be manually tilted and/or moved left and right.

Q: Does the monitor have a Sleep mode?
A: Yes, this is the Power Save feature. The monitor screen will go dark until the camera detects sound or movement.

Q: What is the signal range on this?
A: The signal range is about 300 feet.

Q: Do you need Wi-Fi to operate this monitor?
A: No, the monitor and camera communicate without outside Wi-Fi.

Q: I want to be able to move the monitor around with me. Does the monitor need to be plugged in at all times?
A: There is no battery panel on the monitor. If you’d like to move the monitor around the house, you will need to plug it into an electrical outlet each time.

Q: Is this a Wi-Fi camera and/or can we view the picture through a smart phone?
A: No, the camera is on its own frequency.

Q: Does the camera have sound so I can hear my baby? Can I speak to my baby?
A: Yes, the camera will transmit sound to the monitor. If the Talk button is pressed on top of the monitor you can speak to your baby through the camera as well!

Q: Does the camera have night vision?
A: Yes, the camera does have night vision; however, the best way to get great night vision is by placing a nightlight near the baby’s crib/ bed. This will improve the quality of the night vision

Q: Can the camera be mounted to a wall?
A: Yes, the camera can be mounted to a wall.

Q: There is a distracting humming sound coming from my monitor – how do I make that go away?
A: The volume may be too high on the monitor or camera. Try adjusting both volumes down. If the humming sound continues after lowering the volume, try moving the monitor and/or camera away from any cable boxes, gaming systems, microwaves, or other electric devices.